Cricket In USA

Cricket was played by British colonists in North America by the start of the 18th century. Baseball may be thought of as an American sport with a long and illustrious history, but cricket actually predates it. In fact, cricket was being played here before it became the United States. Archived references to cricket played in America date from 1709

NJ Cricket Council Purpose

The New Jersey Cricket Council is a non-political organization created for sports, educational and recreational purposes, for fostering community relation while promoting the growth and development of the sport of cricket for its youth members, members and member clubs, Umpires, Coaches, Scorers, both locally in the State of New Jersey and if possible nationally, as well as educating, coaching & training its members, Cricket Umpires & Coaches, to facilitate them for being recognized as Qualified Umpires & Qualified Cricket Coaches.


The primary objective of New Jersey Cricket Council is to promote, encourage, foster and develop interest and participation in the game of cricket throughout the Garden State. As the Premier Cricket Organization in New Jersey, NJ Cricket Council will be led by the following objectives





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