The primary objective of New Jersey Cricket Council is to promote, encourage, foster and develop interest and participation in the game of cricket throughout the Garden State. As the Premier Cricket Organization in New Jersey, NJ Cricket Council will be led by the following objectives:

  • Promoting, supporting, and organizing the game of cricket in the state of New Jersey while protecting the unique spirit of the game.
  • Giving every cricket fan an equal chance to play and enjoy the sport they love regardless of the skill level, along with, maintaining a strict code of professionalism.
  • Basing our activities on fairness, which includes inclusivity and non-discrimination.
  • Promoting diversity by welcoming members from all ethnic and religious backgrounds, and fostering an environment of appreciation and respect for the diversity of members.
  • Working in partnership and creating an exceptional cricket environment through innovation and inspiration.
  • Organizing and supervising friendly, competitive and sportsmanlike cricket competitions among the teams of the member clubs, while delivering outstanding, memorable events and excellent service to its members and its affiliates.
  • Encouraging and organizing (whenever possible) a season long competitive cricket between its teams and other leagues locally & nationally.
  • Developing and training individuals to become quality players, umpires and coaches and to foster goodwill, health and happiness through the game of cricket.
  • Ensuring that play is conducted within the proper spirit, tradition and laws of the game of cricket and the playing rules of the League and its governing body.
  • NJ Cricket Council will affiliate as necessary on behalf of the member clubs with other appropriate sports governing bodies.
  • NJ Cricket Council will institute and support an association for the regulation and continuous training of its members & cricket officials, e.g. Umpires & Scorers, Coaches etc.
  • NJ Cricket Council will outreach to the general public, as well as other organizations or reputable professionals or Liaise with local or state officials, which promote cricket or create cricket development programs or develop the game, for the sake and benefit of its members.
  • NJ Cricket Council shall raise funds to support its training, coaching, competitions, exhibitions, seminars and other programs that promote/foster the sport of cricket and youth development in schools and/or elsewhere; by such means as are consistent with the laws of New Jersey ethics and the purpose of the NJ Cricket Council.